Ch Hetherbull Tmar Double-R-Nothin

Welcome to Tmar Bulldogs. We are located in central Alabama just north of Birmingham. We are responsible reputable breeders and exhibitors of the greatest of all breeds...the bulldog. Here at Tmar we are very active in the show ring with our dogs and strive to produce healthy top quality bulldogs as our companions first and beautiful champion show dogs second. Please feel free to look around. We love our bullies and are very proud of them and their accomplishments. We occasionally have puppies on a very limited basis. Feel free to contact us on availability. Although we believe that the Bulldog breed is a wonderful breed, the bulldog is not the breed for everone. Please do your homework on the breed and most important that puppies breeder before purchasing that bully pup. If possible attend a dog show. Meet some local breeders and get to know the breed. Above all ask tons of questions! Get to know your breeder and all their dogs very well. Feel free to contact us by email or phone. We will be glad to answer any question that you have. We are always ready to talk about bulldogs.

Martin and Telitha Blackwood